My Episode of “Ryan’s Gameshow”

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 1.33.54 PM

Yesterday I opened my email and read the subject title “Your Ryan’s Gameshow episode is finally here!“. It’s funny because there are some projects I’ve done that take years to surface (like this one), and I had been thinking about it recently. I laughed immediately, remembering that crazy day of filming a game show out of someone’s garage wondering “What did I get myself into?”

I must have a kick me sign on my back at all times because I seem to be cast in the weirdest experimental videos (like the one I was in for SoulPancake). I don’t mind though, it makes for great stories. I could explain how the day went, but it’s much easier to show you.

My favorite part was definitely the interview after the race. There’s so much hilarious footage that wasn’t included from all of us “contestants”.

Until next time…

❤ K. Love

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