I Interviewed SD Comic Con 2016 Cosplay Characters!

Have you ever been to a Comic Convention? If not, allow me to take you with me to San Diego Comic Con 2016 as I interview cosplay characters. Who’s in a relationship? Who just got engaged? Who is looking for treasure? Who has a message from the future? You have to watch to find out! If…

Spring/Summer Lookbook Featuring Queen of Heartz and Forty Four Angels

Thank you for joining me as I show you some vintage inspired fashion I like to wear to be my most glamorous self! Today I’m taking you from day to night as I don designer clothing from Queen of Heartz and designer jewels from Forty Four Angels.

“Dreaming in Color” with Jeevo

Was it all a dream or did this really happen? Two weeks ago, I sang at a concert upon coming out of “singing retirement” after almost eight years of focusing on acting and modeling. I’m going to be vlogging about my experience working with Jeevo (Rajeev Nandakumaran), but I wanted to talk more in depth about how…

Model Fitting with WHW

Several weeks ago, a friend hit me up about a volunteer opportunity and my immediate thought was “Oh, I’m going to get asked to stack chairs or set up tables for an event or something.” Not that that’s a bad thing, but when I think of volunteering, it usually doesn’t line up with what I’m passionate about doing. Also, nowadays being a work-from–home mom, I don’t have a lot of extra time to volunteer for much.

Gaining Confidence as a Performer

Why put yourself in the face of rejection time and time again? It’s my passion. I honestly can’t imagine a life without performing. I was created for this, and I know the Lord led me to where I am today.