SoulPancake “The Science of Happiness” Experiment


You might be wondering what that odd expression on my face is all about. It’s an interesting story, and I’ll let you in on it since you’re so curious to know. Have you ever shown up to work one day and had NO idea what you were in for? Life as an actress allows for that most of the time, but usually not to this extent. A few months ago I got a phone call that I was booked on a show. The only information I was given was that I would undergo an experiment…that’s all.

So I show up to the location tucked away in Downtown LA, they walk me into the studio, and–with no preparation at all–I begin a test. This is highly unusual, and on the inside I’m freaking out. For an introvert like myself, it usually takes a while to become comfortable in my surroundings. Ordinarily I’ll get to the set of a music video, commercial, TV show, film, etc. and have plenty of time to check in with the assistant director, settle down and then ask my fellow actors what they think the shoot is going to be like. This day there were NO other actors, and I was prompted to sit down at a table opposite a young man in a lab coat that I never met before. What happened next? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out…

Is that not enough for you? Great, there’s more! Here are some deleted scenes where I blab on about the experiment…

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