Model Fitting with WHW

Several weeks ago, a friend hit me up about a volunteer opportunity and my immediate thought was “Oh, I’m going to get asked to stack chairs or set up tables for an event or something.” Not that that’s a bad thing, but when I think of volunteering, it usually doesn’t line up with what I’m passionate about doing. Also, nowadays being a work-from–home mom, I don’t have a lot of extra time to volunteer for much.


Gaining Confidence as a Performer

Why put yourself in the face of rejection time and time again? It’s my passion. I honestly can’t imagine a life without performing. I was created for this, and I know the Lord led me to where I am today.

“Fly Girls Unite” Commercial

How many times have you seen a crew of women mean mug another group? It’s too often that it happens, and genuine friendships are hard to find. I’m blessed to have many of them, and it’s my friend and founder of Fly Girls Unite who came up with the idea for this shoot. The project was…

Witnessing a Movement

  Over a year ago, I was with my Derekstar friends attending a fashion show in Irvine, California when I met this cool guy. Outside, we were enjoying the food trucks, having a conversation, and recapping the event that just ended a few minutes prior. I had never met Dan before, but he came up to our…

Chameleon Tendencies

I’ve known Tayen for a few years now–she even helped my husband and I with some great marriage counsel when we were still wet behind our “dating” ears. This one is so multi-faceted that I’ve even heard others ask “What DON’T you do?” I feel the same sometimes when I’ve been with her from art show, to church…