In this makeup tutorial, I’m showing you a prom look you can accomplish yourself. Follow along as I talk about my prom night, how to get your entire look together on a budget, and why I decided to keep the night casual and just have a good time. Thanks for watching! Advertisements

Gaining Confidence as a Performer

Why put yourself in the face of rejection time and time again? It’s my passion. I honestly can’t imagine a life without performing. I was created for this, and I know the Lord led me to where I am today.

Witnessing a Movement

  Over a year ago, I was with my Derekstar friends attending a fashion show in Irvine, California when I met this cool guy. Outside, we were enjoying the food trucks, having a conversation, and recapping the event that just ended a few minutes prior. I had never met Dan before, but he came up to our…

His and Hers

  Every marriage–like the one you’re about to hear from–has a two-sided perspective from the husband and wife. They strive to create a balance and keep God at the helm, but not many couples I know are having such a great impact on the artist community and the Lord’s people. Daniel and Melissa–the founders of MLoveizm Magazine–have…

Working to Live

I’ve given a few tips on modeling, auditioning, headshots, and what to expect on set. However, I don’t want you getting the wrong idea that this is a glamorous lifestyle or that it’s even an easy one. My major advice to anyone breaking into the “biz” is–until you get a steady gig–DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY…