I Interviewed SD Comic Con 2016 Cosplay Characters!

Have you ever been to a Comic Convention? If not, allow me to┬átake you with me to San Diego Comic Con 2016 as I interview cosplay characters. Who’s in a relationship? Who just got engaged? Who is looking for treasure? Who has a message from the future? You have to watch to find out! If…

Spring/Summer Lookbook Featuring Queen of Heartz and Forty Four Angels

Thank you for joining me as I show you some vintage inspired fashion I like to wear to be my most glamorous self! Today I’m taking you from day to night as I don designer clothing from Queen of Heartz and designer jewels from Forty Four Angels.

Mika Newton “Come Out and Play” Behind the Scenes

Apparently my specialty seems to be working on music videos and angry, dramatic roles. In Mika Newton’s production of her single “Come Out and Play”, I get to represent both aspects. Mika is a pop artist from Ukraine with a powerful voice that apparently can change your whole day–according to the concept of the video….

Drew Seeley “Summer Crush” ABC Family Promo

One of the great things about having a young-looking face is being able to play a teenager well into my twenties. But, who’s fooling who here? Aren’t ALL high schoolers on TV really in their late twenties? Haha. A few months ago, I was blessed to be cast for a small featured part in an…

Artur Pirozhkov “Superstar” Music Video

I notice it’s been months since I’ve had something to show you. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working, it just means that Hollywood sometimes takes a while to get things up online. This is a really fun music video I did back in January of this year for a comedian who is a bit…