Spring/Summer Lookbook Featuring Queen of Heartz and Forty Four Angels

Hey there, gorgeous!

Thank you for joining me as I show you some vintage-inspired fashion I like to wear to be my most glamorous self! Today I’m taking you from day to night as I don designer clothing from Queen of Heartz and designer jewels from Forty Four Angels.

One of my favorite brands is Queen of Heartz apparel. Their vintage-inspired designs hug every curve and compliment your figure no matter what body type you have. They offer sizes from 2 to 26.

The jewelry I’m wearing is from Forty Four Angels. They can make custom pieces for any occasion.

This vintage-inspired ensemble I’m wearing here has me feeling like a modern day Juliet. This look is perfect for a brunch with girlfriends, church with family, a simple day at the museum, or a walk through the many gardens we have in Los Angeles. I simply love how…well…simple it is without being too understated. The dress has a beautiful modest neckline and a back that shows just enough skin to have you feeling flirty and girly.  This amazingly soft embroidered fabric has hints of purples, greens, yellows, and gold but is neutral enough to become a fabulous backdrop for my jewelry.

I love the way this pearlescent necklace glimmers in daylight. The chain is delicate, but resilient enough to wear time and again. Remember the jewel tones in the dress I mentioned? I was inspired to pick these earrings that have iridescent shades of purple, yellow, and green with a pearl accent to match my necklace. The brown belt I’m wearing came with the dress and it matches perfectly with a pair of heels I already had in my closet. Now you’re all set. Don’t leave your friends waiting…unless of course you’re trying to be fashionably late.

This rockabilly-inspired summer look is for the days you want to feel more edgy. This look can transition from day to night. You might want to see a matinee movie or play, but intend on going out to dinner afterwards and want to look glam. I’m wearing it with a black tank top underneath due to the material being slightly shear. I’ve worn this leopard print top before with pants, but today I’m pairing it with a form-fitting black pencil skirt to add femininity because my upper half is mostly covered. The flirty oversized bow featured here can be tied a few different ways, but this is my favorite…a classic.

Now I know some of you may think I’m breaking a fashion rule, but sometimes it’s okay to be matchy-matchy. I’m in love with this leopard print jewelry set that has a few black and pearl dangling accents. The material is bright and reflective instead of matte, so the added sparkle dresses it up, but doesn’t overpower the outfit. I wear black framed glasses on a daily basis and it looks great with all of my other black accessories in this look. I love chunky heels. The pair I’m wearing are mostly black with a brown heel that compliments the colors in my blouse. Add a clutch or purse and you’re ready to hit the town.

This old-Hollywood inspired little black dress is all kinds of gorgeous. Can you say date night? Or maybe red carpet. This is perfect for both occasions. The length of the dress tones down the open neckline and I still feel modest even though it’s form-fitting. An element that sets this garment apart is the fun bow that accentuates the waist.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love my pearls. This three piece set is full of them, and the added sparkle takes it up a notch. I love that it’s a mix of beaded shapes. This is definitely a statement piece and not your average pearls. When I wear all black, my go-to is a printed or red heel. In this case, a cranberry platform heel to match my cranberry lipstick. Some say a girl should never leave the house without her lipstick. I say, a girl should never leave the house without fierce eyebrows.


Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you next time with more looks. Stay fashionable!

❤ K. Love

Photographer: Jerrell Conner

(Click on individual photos and select “view full size” for best quality.)

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  1. Wow. There was an overall artsy edge to this video. I really liked it. I also enjoyed the opening sequence with the flowers coming into focus. Again, very artsy and tranquil. All of the time that you’ve invested in your career is showing. Loved those eyebrows! You worked all of the outfits from A-Z. Great job Tia!

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