Drew Seeley “Summer Crush” ABC Family Promo


One of the great things about having a young-looking face is being able to play a teenager well into my twenties. But, who’s fooling who here? Aren’t ALL high schoolers on TV really in their late twenties? Haha. A few months ago, I was blessed to be cast for a small featured part in an ABC Family Promo. This is great because–don’t tell anyone–I actually watch a few ABC Family shows regularly. Some of my favorites are “Pretty Little Liars”, “Twisted”, and “Switched at Birth”. One of the coolest things at the shoot was getting to meet the AH-mazing stylist from “Pretty Little Liars”! I know I’m far from being in high school, but I still enjoy following interesting story-lines no matter the age of the characters.


As far as the cast goes, everyone was really down to earth and I had a great time with them. Drew Seeley is a really sweet guy who thanked us all for being there and personally took the time out to greet everyone on set. I really appreciate that because usually there is this odd thing that happens on sets where people automatically segregate themselves. Principal actors stay with other principal actors. Background sticks with background, and you usually don’t see the star until cameras are rolling. This production definitely blurred the lines, which is great seeing as we’re all just there for the same purpose anyways: to create a great product.

Here is the behind the scenes video:

Thank you for visiting my world here. God Bless you and your journey.

Until next time…

❤ K. Love

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