“Queen of Heartz” Photoshoot


I had my daughter about a year and a half ago. It took about a year after she was born for me to get back into the swing of things and remember who I am as a person, and a performer. I was praying for opportunities to start acting and modeling again, but didn’t know how long it would take. Almost immediately, momentum started and one of the opportunities came from my long time friend and owner of Queen of Heartz. I’ve modeled for her before, so when she asked if I was available for her new lookbook, I jumped at the offer.

Jasmine          Upscale

It was a little awkward since I’m still getting used to my new body and haven’t been practicing my craft in a while. I kept looking to the other models for inspiration and faking my way through it. Slowly but surely my muscle memory returned and my former posture was revitalized. I didn’t get fired, so I must have done something right. Haha. I’m very pleased with the outcome and so glad to be getting back into the fashion industry again. I’m also thankful for friends who support my career and keep me in mind years after collaborating together. What a gift.

Hair and Makeup by Hey Saylor Cosmetics.

Check out more at Queen of Heartz.



Thank you for visiting my world here. God Bless you and your journey.

Until next time…

❤ K. Love

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