“Epic Couture” Fashion Show


I talked before about getting used to modeling again post baby, and this was my first time doing runway since I got pregnant. I remember fumbling through the fitting and rehearsal as the designer had to remind me of some of the basics even though I’ve been modeling since 2007.

How humbling.

It’s a good thing I had the experience in the rehearsal space so that I could practice for the days leading up to the show. When I arrived at The Los Angeles Athletic Club, I ran into some other models and met some really great creative people. It helped to have thought-provoking conversation since there is a lot of down time for fashion shows.

Behind the scenes was chaotic–it usually is–as we changed clothes and rushed around in the dressing area hoping to get finishing touches handled in time. However, we strutted as though we were cool and collected with plenty of time to spare.

There’s something a little exhilarating about the madness once you know what to expect.

Once I hit the floor and heard the booming music, something clicked and I walked as though I’ve been doing this every day. Praying a lot helped to calm my nerves, focus my attention, and build my confidence.

My sister and brother were able to come see me, and it was their first time attending one of my fashion events. I also came home to a smiling baby and a bouquet of flowers that my husband got me for following my dreams. Ain’t life grand? It was a true blessing.

I was able to extend some advice to another model that just moved to Los Angeles, so incase you are in the same boat, I’ll share a few things here:

  1. Always bring a few options of heels.
  2. Always bring your makeup and things to do your own hair incase hair and makeup artists don’t get to you in time (it happens more often than you think.)
  3. Always ask questions! It’s better to be over prepared and informed than to end up looking unprofessional even if it isn’t  your fault.
  4. Always be positive. Negativity is very abundant in the entertainment industry, but if you can be a light, you can help your sanity, as well as elevate others who are drawn to it.
  5. Always eat beforehand and bring water and snacks. I know the term “starving models” is handed out like it’s going out of style, but we really don’t need someone passing out after they’re sent down the runway in a tight dress.
  6. Always plan to arrive early. You might get lost, you might have forgotten to get gas the night before, you might have a hard time finding parking, etc. And it’s good to get to the venue and have time to calm down and center yourself before you jump into action.

You weren’t at the fashion show, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it. Here is a recap video just for you.

Photos and video courtesy of DJ Mo Joe.

Fashion courtesy of Walter Wilson’s The 8 Collection:

Hair and Makeup courtesy of Phoenix Tish.

Thank you for visiting my world here. God Bless you and your journey.

Until next time…

❤ K. Love

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