Let me first begin by saying that there is NO way I’d make it to a day like this without God [and I do mean the God who sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins]. Most people don’t mix work and faith, but there is no room for that kind of separation in my life. My journey has been an interesting one, and I know that there is still a ways to go from here.

I was so blessed to finally be able to see the final product made possible by the cast and crew of “He Heard My Cry” during the Hollywood Black Film Festival. I’m still amazed that Writer/Director Ervin Riggs chose me to be such a large part of this film. You can read more about that story here.

Many of you were there at the premiere, and many of you wanted to come. Thank YOU for your support and encouragement getting me to this point. Once again, thank you to everyone I know and love, and even those I haven’t met who visit this website every once in a while. Stay tuned…


❤ K. Love

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  1. dball mullet man says:

    So proud of you!

    1. Thank you. The support means a ton, babe!

  2. Tysha says:

    you look gorgeous! you are right where you should be at this moment. Im very proud and inspired by you and so very sorry I couldn’t come to support. We have to support and uplift each other as woman in general but def. as woman of color. YOU ROCKED luv muffin #boom:)lol Peace,Love,Success Doll

    1. Thank you so much, Tysha! It’s nice when hard work pays off and we’ll continue to move forward. We definitely inspire each other, I see you making your dreams happen as well. God is awesome!

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