“Dreaming in Color” with Jeevo

Was it all a dream or did this really happen? Two weeks ago, I sang at a concert upon coming out of “singing retirement” after almost eight years of focusing on acting and modeling. I’m going to be vlogging about my experience working with Jeevo (Rajeev Nandakumaran), but I wanted to talk more in depth about how…

Gaining Confidence as a Performer

Why put yourself in the face of rejection time and time again? It’s my passion. I honestly can’t imagine a life without performing. I was created for this, and I know the Lord led me to where I am today.

Mika Newton “Come Out and Play” Music Video

I talked before about the amazing time I had behind the scenes of this music video. The video came out and I’m stoked with the finished product. This song is so catchy and full of life and personality.

“Good Meat Makes Gravy” Short Film

This past summer, I had the honor and privilege of coming together with talented friends and making an epic short film/album teaser for director/song-writer Ahmad. I was asked to be a co-star in the film and GLADLY accepted the offer. My character is a bubbly, eccentric singer Ahmad meets while waiting in an audition line, and she…