In this hair tutorial, I’m showing you some of the go-to hairstyles I do on my daughter’s curly hair. I’m thinking of making this into a series, and this time I’m featuring pigtails three ways. Follow along and let me know if you learned something new. Thanks for watching!

Here are the hair products I mentioned:

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Conditioner:

Wide Tooth Comb:

Small Tooth Comb:

Spray Water Bottle:

Aluminum Setting Clips:

Handheld Denman Brush:

Hair Bows:

Chiffon Flower Clips:

Mini Bobby Pins:

Soft Hair Ties:

You can also find these products in your local beauty supply store or large retailer chain.

If you’d like to watch more of my fashion and beauty videos, I created this playlist just for you:

In this hair tutorial, I’m showing you how I get my overnight heatless curls using perm rods. I’ve been asked before how I get the bouncy and defined curls that I occasionally wear in my photoshoots. Well, the secret is out! Follow along and let me know if you learned something new. Thanks for watching!

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