“Very Smart Brothas” – The TV Pilot


Thank God for social media. It’s not often that an interaction on Twitter leads to a speaking role on a production, but it does happen. Several months ago, I was contacted by Solo Journey Productions producer Earl Bolden Jr. to audition for a web series based on the Very Smart Brothas blog. Even though I auditioned for a lead role, I was willing to take any other speaking role in the script. This was especially true after getting a great sense that the team was professional, creative, and really took their job to heart. (Believe me, not all independent productions have those same qualities.)


After some time and no further contact from the producer, I noticed a Twitter account for the web series and began to see new video content being uploaded as well as their new goal of making this into a pilot episode for television. I usually don’t do this, but I took a chance on contacting the producer via Direct Message and asked if there were any other roles they hadn’t cast yet. This seemingly small interaction lead to me being a day player on the production, and soon you’ll be seeing me in one of the online episodes.


The main reason I wanted to share this is because I’ve been told in person–and have read a few articles by local Casting Directors–that advise actors to give their all in the audition, and then forget all about it and move on to the next one. This is somewhat true when you’re dealing with a huge production that would probably frown upon you contacting them personally after they just saw hundreds of actors. However, from what I’ve witnessed so far, usually independent productions are still looking to fill smaller roles after the principle roles have been cast. In order to keep myself in the running, I let them know “I’m still here and I’m still interested.” Just like an interview for any job, follow-up is very important and doesn’t hurt your chances. Try it and see if it works for you.

To stay updated, you can follow: twitter.com/VSBTheWebSeries


❤ K. Love

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