“He Heard My Cry” Official Trailer

  Here is the latest and official movie trailer for “He Heard My Cry“. I’m so excited about the premiere at The Hollywood Black Film Festival coming up in three weeks!

Tickets for “He Heard My Cry”

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the final elements I have been waiting for so you can purchase tickets to “He Heard My Cry“, put the event in your calendar, and save the location for future reference.

Hollywood Black Film Festival

My first feature film “He Heard My Cry” will premiere at the Hollywood Black Film Festival on Oct 28th, 2012 at 3pm. It will be screening at the Montalban Theatre located at 1615 Vine Street Los Angeles, Ca. 90028. HBFF has been dubbed “The Black Sundance” and we’re blessed to be a part of it this year. I am still…


So, I’ve been telling a few friends about a super secret project that I filmed last year. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have something to show for it and it’s now unsecret. I usually don’t discuss major gigs I have–or thought I had–because I’ve done that before and either nothing came out of it,…

What’s your background?

Excuse me for this extremely long post, but it’s been a while since I’ve written anything about the entertainment industry and this subject contains a LOT of information. I hope it’s helpful for those of you out there that are in–or want to get into–the world of background acting. “Are we ever going to the set?” If anyone…