Thrifty Swapping…

When most people think of swapping items, clothing might not immediately come to mind. When we were younger, it was common to trade lunch items that we didn’t want–like a sandwich for an extra bag of chips. Nowadays people in my age group are swapping recipes, phone numbers, and professional services. There’s nothing wrong with that, I love those. One of my favorites though is definitely something I can wear!

Three weeks ago, I was invited to my very first Swap Party here in California. I’m fortunate to have very fashionable friends, so I didn’t have to fear that there would be out-of-date or not-so-gently worn garments. I was pretty surprised at how much I actually took home and how much I loved what I picked. Some of the things I was even wondering “Why on Earth would they want to get rid of this?!” I kept that thought to myself just in case they did decide not to give it away. Hahaha.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like trying on clothes in the store and they might fit odd once you get home and rip off the tags. Also, if you’re anything like most girls, you tend to change your mind about items that looked great in the store, but you realized you would never actually have a reason to wear that dress/coat/hat after all. So, I donated a few jackets, scarves, belts, and dresses that I hardly ever wear and I don’t regret giving any of them away.

Below are some of the items I adopted into my wardrobe that day and I’ll be keeping you posted as I wear them. I’ve already worn some of them a few times! Giddy. Btw: I’m so not great at the proper names of things or colors for that matter, so the descriptions are of my own uneducated explanation.

1. Turquoise Jewel Ring ($Free.99)

2. Turquoise Beaded Necklace with Bronze Chain ($Free.99)

3. Aged Silver Locket Necklace ($Free.99)

4. Fahrenheit Faux Suede Pumps ($Free.99)

5. Banana Republic Tank Top ($Free.99)

6. Forth & Towne Blouse ($Free.99)

What’s in your closet?


❤ K. Love


Comments are welcome!

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