A Tad More Thrifting…

Another impromptu thrifting trip. We went to find some clothes for my husband to wear at a 1920’s themed art show, and I started scouring the racks for myself. It was actually at the same spot I went to last time. I realized after reading the receipt, that the “Thrift Store” thrift store DOES in fact have a name: “Circle of Concern”. Interesting name…I find it a bit depressing.

When I’m shopping I have to keep in mind my personal style as well as what’s “camera friendly”. Most of these items were for my everyday wardrobe, but I did grab the yellow tank because Winter is coming (which means they’re filming for Spring). If you’re also a model or actress, I suggest you take notice of the styles you see on shows and in magazines to get ideas of what to invest in that you wouldn’t normally ever purchase.

Anywho, below are the items I found and I’ll post photos when I’m wearing them out.

1. Newport News Silk Tank: 4.99

2. xhilaration Black Blouse: 2.99

3. Poetry Clothing Yellow Tank: 1.99

4. I Love H81 Grey Capri Sweatpants: 2.29

5. so it is Cardigan: 4.99

What’s in your closet?


❤ K. Love


Comments are welcome!

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