Thrifty Thrifting…

Remembering the first time in my “adulthood” that I went to a thrift store, there was a huge gaggle of clothing in a place called “Savers”. My mom took me there during my first visit to Hawaii. I kept putting clothes in the cart and she let me fill up the whole thing with shorts, tank tops, shoes, jeans, etc. I thought we were rich! I didn’t really know what a thrift store was, but I started noticing that some of the clothes looked like they had been worn and a few even had people’s names written on the inside of the collar.

It wasn’t until I started high school there that I realized the only students who were shopping at second-hand stores were gothic kids. Then I’m wondering if it’s okay or should I be ashamed to buy clothing that no one else wanted? For a few years, I wouldn’t go near a thrift store; I believe Ross was the closest I got to clothing no other stores wanted. Once I started modeling and acting in plays, I realized the necessity of a $5 gown on a college student’s budget. I’m not going all don’t-ever-buy-a-name-brand on you, but I could care less who designed my sweater. I just want that thing to keep me warm.

Flash forward to my move to California. If any of you Cali readers out there were not born and raised here, you know what a gem we have in our Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, and Salvation Armies. Even the privately owned shops out here in random neighborhoods have some decent threads. It got me to thinking that I’m spending so much time scouring the clearance racks at stores I like and hoping to get something under $5 when I could just walk into a second-hand spot and grab a few things for $1.99.

My latest “thrifting” trip was to a place near my house that doesn’t even have a unique name above the door. It just says “Thrift Store”. How generic can we be? But, this place had some unbelievable deals going on. Every Friday they give 50% off a certain colored tag. As if the prices aren’t low enough, you can take a discount off of that lovely $3.99 dress and $5.99 shirt. I decided to take some photos for you so you can be inspired to save your money and grab some goodies that won’t fall apart the second time you wear them–obviously they’ve lasted this long.

Here are some great reasons to shop second-hand:

1. You’re trying to save the world by recycling.

2. You’re a model or actress that needs to cross over from hot club chick to upscale business woman without breaking the bank.

3. You’re wanting well-made clothing for the price of a cheap tank top at a trendy store in the mall.

4. You’re tired of trekking from store to store in order to shop for diverse styles.

5. You’re in need of furniture/curtains/mirrors/lamps that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Don’t forget to donate to these stores too! Instead of throwing things away that you don’t use–if you can’t think of anyone to personally give them to–drop your items off for someone else to enjoy. There are also fashionistas (I hate that word) out there who throw “swap parties” and trade their gently used clothing during great conversation and bonding time.

Below are some of the items I picked up at the “Thrift Store” thrift store. I’m not familiar with the brands, but you might be so I’ll list them.

1. Bill Levkoff Black Dress: 3.99 (with half off tag = 1.99)

2. Subculture Plaid Shirt: 5.99 (with half off tag = 2.99)

3. American Craftsmen Men’s Blazer: 3.99

4. Vesti Women’s Blazer: 4.29

5. Petticoat Alley Blouse: 4.29

What’s in your closet?


❤ K. Love


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