Getting personal…

Truly I try to keep my site the least amount of personal as I can. I want this to be a source of information, encouragement, and support for my friends, but it keeps nagging at me that most of you still don’t really know me. The main thing that keeps me reading other blogs and checking in periodically on my favorite ones is that they’re personal. I actually find it very interesting what people are buying at Ross, changing in their home, eating for dinner, or doing on the weekends.

I don’t have time to keep in touch with or even hang out with most of you who are reading this, so it’s good to know when people are getting engaged or changing jobs through social media that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I’m not one to add 50 photo albums on my Facebook (I actually personally dislike that a lot) or vent about how my day went (to the entire world), but I will share the little things that make me who I am. Why? I really don’t know. I guess it’s so that you know I’m human and have  a real, beating, bloody heart.

One of the things that I love about my life is…the fact that I love my life. Even though my apartment is very transitional and my career is very unstable, God has really given me a peace that not many people have. I wouldn’t say I’m “lucky” (because I don’t believe in that). I just think I’m fortunate to be in the “mind space” that comes with knowing everything will work out…eventually. I definitely want more out of life than a two bedroom apartment on a crowded street full of apartments, but I do think the “secret to life” is being grateful for what you have in the meantime.

My current apartment is me and Jerrell’s first place on our own. I think it will always have a great wrinkle in our memories and we’ll be thankful that it’s helped us to host meetings, movie nights, dinners, family visits, and a place to call our own. I’m not planning on being here for very long, so I’ve gotten over the urge to paint, decorate, and curtain every room. I don’t really like that. Not many friends in my age group really have a place that is fully furnished or decorated either so it kinda seems normal. However the lack of colored walls and cushy fabrics has been getting to me.

It all started when our friends got some delicate white, sheer fabric to hang in their loft and act as a divider between rooms. Walking in and seeing this gave me feelings of romance, whimsy, and an ethereal breath of fresh air. I think that’s lovely. And I think I can do that somehow. So I did. Without copying their swag, I did find some curtains at Ross the other day–that are still wrinkled from being folded in packaging–and rearranged some furniture to make the bedroom seem more “enchanting”. It really helped and evoked the same feelings that my friends were able to accomplish in their home.

This is so strange getting to a phase in life where I want to be enveloped in baby sounds and lovely smells. I never used to care about folding clothes or even having a dresser to put them in. I figured the floor was just another–bigger–shelf to store things. At one point, my room looked and smelled like a bachelor pad and I was okay with that. Nowadays, please don’t put your shirt on my dresser or move my pillow to the other sofa. It belongs right where it is. I don’t know where this leads–and that scares me because I have a plan–but we’ll see when that baby comes and when I have the time–and funds—to do a complete overhaul on my life.

In the meantime, here are some “interesting” things about me:

1. I love sweets: preferably gooey, warm chocolate chip cookies.

2. I love TV Shows more than movies: preferably Parenthood, The Rachel Zoe Project, ANYthing HGTV, Project Runway, Community, and Modern Family.

3. I get OCD about: where furniture is placed, how the bed is made, how the toilet paper is placed on the roll.

4. I really, really dislike: Karaoke, complaining, miscommunication.

5. I really, really love: people who stand up for themselves and what they believe in.


❤ K. Love


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