Fresh Face

About two weeks ago, a lovely young lady found my site through a link I left on Facebook and had some inquiries regarding her interest in acting and modeling. After exchanging a few emails with Anais, I was booked as her photographer for her very first shoot! I grabbed my good friend Tayen of Tayen Styles to do hair and makeup and we were set. Everything I recommended for Anais to prepare for this day was taken to heart and I could not have been more pleased with the organization and commitment she presented to my team.

A lot of you out there might think the first step to getting your foot into the fashion door is to take a class, pay an agent, or strip down to your underwear. NONE of those things are necessary, and I’m ecstatic that Anais took it upon herself to do the research and find the team that fit her vision. I’m very fortunate to have been picked because it’s not often you find a model who is organized, self-aware, and knows what she wants! Oh, and did I mention she’s a woman of God? How cool is that?! By the end of the five hours we were together, all of us were ready for a good nap, but excited to see the final outcome of what we had just accomplished.

Every day there are girls who gaze at a fashion spread in any magazine and hope to one day be “that girl”. Truth be told, modeling is hard work. It takes so much mental and physical strength to execute an idea and get the image that you’re hoping for. My model today was a trooper and you wouldn’t believe that it was her first time in front of the camera with a professional team behind the lens. I would definitely recommend her to any photographer looking to build their portfolio or someone casting for an acting gig.

We just shot today, so I don’t have a ton of photos to show you. However, I did promise you a preview and here are two of my favorites from the shoot. Once we have more edited, I’ll update you on that. In the meantime, please contact me with any questions you might have about rates, getting started, or your general curiosities about modeling.


❤ K. Love


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